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DSpec FINAL Released!

The FINAL build of DSpec is now available, allowing you to play all of the classic ZX Spectum games from your childhood!

Head over to the download page to find out how to get hold of it for a small donation towards the webside and it's future development.

Cover Art...

I've put together some new cover artwork. Not that DSpec will not be available at retail outlets... but it is nice none the less!

(Click the image for the bigger version)

DSpec Public Beta 0.2b Released

Download the file from the download page and complete the new quiz to get the password.

What's new?
+ Fixed for M3, probably MP, and Supercard 1.70 also.
+ New theme.
+ Couple of other fixes.

G6 is next.

View the full readme.txt.

DSpec Public Beta 0.2a Released

DSpec is now available to all in public beta form but you'll need a password to get at it.
Download the file from the download page and then head over to the forum to decypher the password.

The first character from each game will form a 15 character password that you will NEED to UNRAR DSpec 0.2a

What's new?
+ Fixed Audio sync
+ Fixed Audio stereo output & volume
+ Ah, **** it. Too tired. You spot the changes.

G6 is being worked on and will be out in a day or two.
Thanks to Nik for helping and offering to lend me his G6! Star!

View the full readme.txt.

DSpec Private Beta 0.2

What's new?
+ Fixed graphical corruption in Cobra, Gutz, and many others.
+ Fixed problem with long filenames corrupting the file browser display.
+ Fixed problem whereby START & SELECT are transposed when saving game INI files.
+ Added interface II option to control configuration panel.
+ Fixed problem with sounds panning through single speaker only.
+ Added preliminary save states (uncompressed Z80's)
+ Added console/log output, although very little is logged currently.


Sorry that there isn't more - I've been really busy with life and hacking
away at Doublevision my new Colecovision emulator. DSpec will get more attention in the next week or so. Stay tuned for a big update next time.

DSpec Private Beta 0.1.1

What's new?

+ More improvements to the GUI. Dialog buttons work better.
+ Z80 support. Not sure this is quite right. Lots of stuff does work though.


- Still a bug with START+SELECT configs. I'll fix next time - not had time today, sorry.
- Sound still not right. Had a look and think I've figured out what's wrong. Again, I'll fix next time.

DSpec Private Beta 0.1

What's new?
+ Fixed the Supercard SD loader (many thanks to Peacesquid for helping to test).
+ Found a silly bug in the SNA loader. This should fix a few games. Starstrike 3D now works!
+ Added external configuration file (DSPEC.INI).
+ ROM specific control files are now supported.
+ Controls can now be redefined within DSpec, and saved.
+ File sorting fixed.
+ Enhanced GUI. Icon layout improved. New button type added. Clock added.
+ File type filtering added.
+ Directories supported. Directory traversal now possible.
+ Various fixes to emulation routines (Automania seems to work now).


- Partial support for Z80 snapshots (removed temporarily).
- Spectrum reset (removed temporarily).


* DSpec has file writing routines now. They may not work correctly on all
media cards. Feedback if you have any problems.

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