Answers to commonly asked questions


Drop DSPEC.INI into the root of your filesystem, along with DSPEC.
You can edit this file to change the default control scheme and files paths.
I would recommend that you leave it as it is for now.

Redefining controls within DSPEC
Go into the settings and use the icon that looks like arrow keys.

When editing controls withing DSPEC you can optionally save them.
Doing so will create a file that pairs with the currently loaded ROM.
If for example you have chuckie.sna loaded, and save the control scheme, the control file chuckie.ini will be created.
When loading a ROM, if the default control file exists, it will be loaded and used.

Rom specific control files
These can be created within DSPEC or manually created and dropped into the appropriate configurfation folder.
They are only text files, so can be edited or viewed from notepad or similar.

Loading ROMs
The load icon has been removed. Double tap the list entry to load it.